Advanced Flight is a Flight Mode in Starhawk (it's similar to the Pro Flight mode of Warhawk). There are key differences between Advanced Flight and Normal Flight and Classic Arcade Flight:

  • The camera horizon is not maintained during flight. The camera can loop and turn with the Hawk.
  • The reticule is fixed.
  • The Right Stick performs advanced evasive maneuvers. These can be combined with the Left Stick to make tight loops and spins.
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Basic Controls Edit

  • Square - Mount/Dismount Vehicle
  • O - Transform between Flight/Mech
===Flight Mode Controls===
Starhawk Slider Hawk

A Hawk flying on Orbital.

  • R2 - Boost (Double Tap for Afterburners)
  • L2 - Slow Down
  • Left Stick - Steer
  • L2 + R2 + Left Stick - Powerslide
  • X + Left Stick - Basic Dodges
  • Right Stick - Advanced Evasive Maneuvers
  • D-Pad - select Hawk weapon
  • L1 - Fire selected weapon
  • R1 - Fire Hawk Machine Gun
  • R3 - Chaff/Flares
===Mech Mode Controls===

A Hawk in Mech Mode.

  • Left Stick - Move
  • X - Jump
  • Right Stick - Aim Reticule
  • R3 - Stomp
  • D-Pad - select Hawk weapon
  • L1 - Fire selected weapon
  • R1 - Fire Hawk MG

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