Multiplayer Map
Map Information
An overhead view of Apogee using the Uplink.
Environment Space
Layout Large
Recommended Players 16 - 24
Supported Loadouts
Classic Beta Ground Pounder
Air Superiority Lone Wolf
Heavyweight Dogfight

Capture the Flag on Apogee.

Apogee is a multiplayer map in Starhawk. It takes place in Space, on a station drifting in a distant nebula in the Outer Spur.


Apogee is engulfed in a brilliant red and blue nebula. Dust can be seen in the distance. The map has a lot of elevation changes, along with bridges and large, protective tunnels.

Weapon LocationsEdit

add some!


Gameplay on Apogee is hectic, with teams scrambling to complete objective across the map. There are also plenty of locations to set up strategic forward spawns.

Loadout SupportEdit

Apogee does not support the Ground Pounder and Heavyweight loadouts.


  • Apogee is one of the smallest maps with the "large" moniker.

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