Clogging the Build Limit is a term when a player, in Multiplayer, place enough structures to keep other player from building other structures. Teams have 32 structures that can be placed until the build limit is clogged

Stratagy / TipsEdit

  1. Try not to clog up the build limit
  2. Even though you can build 32 structures on each team, there are 16 players, so if everyone shares, that's 2 building per player.
  3. Put some strategic players in front of B&B, and have those players can share loadouts
  4. Be polite & try to keep other players from being mean & bossy by clogging the build limit
  5. When placing structures be careful to not to over build.
  6. You only need one vehicle structure in one place
  7. Placing defensive structures is a good move when building, so instead of 3 garages in one place put 1 garage & a few Beam , Auto , or Flak turrets to defend the place.
  8. When starting place defencive building first then offencive keeps you defended & well equiped. Or you can build offencive first as your defence.
  9. Try to expand first to keep your structures closer to the enemy to attack, & it keeps you from building structures closer to your base witch is good, but your in one place for the enemy to attack & makes you clog up the build limit. That also lets you choke the enemy and keeps them from victory.
  10. Building structures fast is good then you could sell your structures when you expand, or more barbarically destroy them.
  11. Air Supiriority is also good at defence and offence.

See also Edit

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