Drop Pods landing on the battlefield.

Drop Pods are the small, conical craft that transport the player from the Orbital Carrier to the battlefield after death.

Before a player has deployed their character into the battlefield scenario, they are prompted to choose a spot on the map within their Deploy Zone (indicated with the color green) to land their Drop Pod.

Once the pod has been deployed, it hurtles to the earth at high speed, like an asteroid. The player has some limited ability to shift the Drop Pod's path as it descends, enabling the player to land in strategic places on the map.

In Multiplayer

  • The ability of a player to control the descent of a pod allows a player to kill infantry, vehicles and some small structures by crushing them with the force of their earthbound vessel.
  • Drop Pods are invulnerable. Players are given ten (10) seconds before they are involuntarily expelled from the Drop Pod. In those ten seconds, the player is immune to all incoming fire. The player cannot fire weapons from within the pod, but they can build structures! Ten seconds is a lot of building time. The implications of this are endless.

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