Experience is a form of prestige earned in Multiplayer for completing certain tasks. The more Experience one has, the more experienced they are thought to be. Experience gained in multiplayer matches is subdivided into fifty Levels in a concept called Leveling Up.

How to ObtainEdit

Experience is obtained in multiplayer matches for completing objectives, obtaining kills, or destroying enemy structures. Players can also earn in-game Medals for completing unique tasks. Experience values from the match and from each Medal you earn are added up to form a total Experience gain for that match. Below is a (work-in-progress) list of actions that grant Experience and the Experience gained from each action. To see the Experience gained from Medals, see the separate Medals page.

Completing ObjectivesEdit

  • Rescue the Flag + 150 XP
  • Capture a Zone + 100 XP


  • Kill Troop + 50 XP
  • Assist Troop Kill + 25 XP

Vehicle KillsEdit

Destroying StructuresEdit

Skill AugmentationEdit

With the Quick Learner Skill active, all experience earned in-match (kills, completeing objective, etc.) is increased by 30%. This does not apply to post-game experience.