Flak Turret
Beam Turret Upgrade
An idle Flak Turret.
Structure Informaion
Rift Cost Free
Health 9 ♥
Function Attacks airborne Hawks

The Flak Turret is a Beam Turret upgrade that turns the turret's ammunition to high powered explosive shells that take out airborne Hawks. However, despite its effectiveness against air units, the Flak Turret is unable to target and significantly damage ground units.


The Flak Turret consists of a large base that supports a swiveling head. Mounted on the head are four large barrels that fire the blue Flak. Flak Turrets can be mounted by the player.

Availability in Multiplayer LoadoutsEdit

The Flak Turret upgrade is available in the Air Superiority and Heavyweight Loadouts.


  1. Part of having a good defense is having some Flak and some Beam Turrets. Remember, Flak Turrets cannot engage ground targets, so the Beam Turret is still very useful if used strategically.
  2. Flak Turrets will engage air targets on their own, but they are more accurate and potent when operated by a player.


  • On the Air Superiority loadout, Flak Turrets can be called down for six Rift cells; then they can be upgraded into Beam Turrets. This differs from the Heavyweight loadout, where the Beam Turrets are the ones bought, then upgraded.

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