Hawk Weapon
Weapon Informaion
Magazine Size | (Ammo Capacity)
1 | (Infinite)
Reload Time  ???
Range Effective at any range
Special Properties
- Eliminates missile locks

Flares (also referred to as Chaff) are a Hawk weapon used to eliminate all missile locks at the time of firing. Flares are mapped to R3.


Flares exit the rear of the Hawk as tiny blue-grey swirling explosions.


Flares confuse missile tracking systems, which allows the user to scrub all current missile locks with ease. However, there is a significant recharge time for the flares, which puts one at a disadvantage if Flares are used prematurely.


  1. Only use Flares if you have numerous missiles tracking you. Using them on one or two missiles is a waste.


  • Flares "replace" the PRCM/D Chaff Dispenser from Warhawk. However, the PRCM/D was mapped to the weapons cross, unlike the Flares in Starhawk.

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