A Grizzly Exo-Suit.
Vehicle Information
Rift Cost 3 Cells
Health ♥  ♥/2     (1 and a half)
Speed Medium
Weapons Gauss Cannon, Stomp,
EMP Blast

The Grizzly Rig Exo-Suit is a small mech-like vehicle that troops can board and use. It is a DLC item that can be purchased in the Playstation Store for $4.99. It can be customized with paint jobs like the other vehicles, but it is only compatible with DLC paint packs. It is purchased for 3 Rift Cells, and is the only vehicle that does not spawn from a building.

Combat RolesEdit

The Grizzly specializes in fast, medium-range attacks; though a skilled operator can eliminate targets at long-range as well. It has relatively weak armor, and can be overpowered by skilled troops, long range tanks, or skilled pilots. It makes up for this with advanced maneuverability and a ground-pound than can take out soldiers instantly, along with an EMP that temporarily disables turrets and vehicle weapons, including those of Hawks and other Grizzlies (with the exception of their melee attacks).


The Grizzly sports an advanced Gauss Cannon that is very effective against vehicles, especially Hawks. Its EMP Blast can quickly disable vehicles and structures, but it has a brief charge-up time and a long reload compared to Chaff. The Grizzly also has a ground-pound attack that greatly damages vehicles as well as structures, and kills troops instantly.


Basic ControlsEdit

  • Square - Mount/Dismount Grizzly


  • L Stick - Move
  • X - Jump
  • R2 - Sprint
  • L1 - Enter OTS mode
  • R1 - Fire Gauss Cannon
  • L2 - Hold and Release for EMP Blast
  • R3 - Stomp


  1. Agility Counts: The Grizzly's high maneuverability is its greatest advantage. Sprint, zig-zag, and jump to be a hard target for enemies.
  2. Anti-Air: The Grizzly can fire its Gauss Cannon at enemy Hawks much like the Beam Turret. This makes it an effective Ground to Air weapon.
  3. Use the Rifle! If an enemy Grizzly approaches, don't run- you can't outrun it, and troops have many weapons that are effective against the Grizzly, such as the Kinetic Rifle, LR-3 Railgun, and the M.A.W. Rocket Launcher.
  4. EMP: Use the EMP blast if you're surrounded by turrets and / or Hawks.
  5. The grizzly can cause panic upon inflitrating a base. A good technique to take out structures and vehicles is to jump and circle around them while firing at them. At the same time, try using the melee shortly before hitting the ground. This allows for quick recovery as opposed to doing so stationary, where your maneuverability is at a disadvantage and a grizzly is the most vulnerable.

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