Hawk Health
Hawk Pickup
The Hawk Health pickup.
Pickup Informaion
Color Red
Pickup + 100 Health (?)
Pickup Respawn 60 seconds

Hawk Health is a Hawk pickup used to repair damage to one's Hawk Hawk Health is especially useful in the heat of a dogfight.


Hawk Health restores all damage done to a Hawk, unlike their counterpart pickups in Warhawk, which has 50/50 chance to partially or fully replenish your health.


  1. Use Air Mines to protect Hawk Health spawns.

Hawk Weapons in Starhawk
Weapons Cross
Air MinesCloakCluster BombsFlak CannonHoming MissileShieldSwarm LaserTorpedo
FlaresHawk HealthHawk Machine GunStomp

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