Leveling Up is a form of prestige which indicates how experienced a player is. The higher the player's Level, the more Experience that player has earned throughout multiplayer matches. Increasing in Levels also unlocks a set of items, including Skill Points and Customizations.

How To Level UpEdit

To level up, earn Experience in multiplayer matches. Experience is obtain by getting kills, destroying structures and vehicles,earning medals, and completing objectives set by the match's mode. The amount of XP earned can be increased with the Quick Learner skill. You can also earn XP through Prospector matches, increasing the higher the difficulty. A prospector match on Mercenary difficulty is potentially the quickest way to obtain large amounts of xp due to the high xp rewards for killing the enemies and the multiplier for killing them in quick succesion. Usually by fully utilizing structures and such to consistantly eliminate enemies, you can earn at least 12,000 experience points and up to around 30,000 in about 15 minutes if all goes well in the operation. Although this is a ton of XP, it is still high in difficulty. Going solo in a private prospector ensures that you get all the XP and the enemies don't gain max health from the presence of more players.

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There are fifty Levels in Starhawk's multiplayer as of now. In addition, LightBox Interactive has developed Prestige Levels for those who have reached the Level cap of fifty.