Multiplayer Map
Map Information
An overhead view of Narrows using the Uplink.
Environment Echo
Layout Large
Recommended Players 20 - 32
Supported Loadouts
Classic Beta Ground Pounder
Air Superiority Lone Wolf
Heavyweight Dogfight

Zones on Narrows.

Narrows is a multiplayer map that is located on a moon of Dust, Echo.


Narrows has high elevation shifts and narrow chokepoints dotted with trees, grasses, and tall, curved spires of rock. A pipeline runs through the map, and there is also a large multi-level defensible platform in each base.


The large elevation changes make the perfect environment for sniping and sneak attacks. The large rock formations turn low-altitude dogfights into cat-and-mouse chases though arches and around spires.

Weapon LocationsEdit

add some weapon locations!

Loadout SupportEdit

Narrows supports all six Loadouts.


  1. Try taking different routes to the enemy base to catch them off guard.
  2. Build an Outpost on the large platform overlooking the center of the map and build a base around it. Block the enemy's route to it with a Wall or a Supply Bunker to get a well protected forward spawn.

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