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Outcasts in a cutscene


Logan and outcasts


Outcasts are one of the playable factions in Starhawk. The Outcasts are a group of outlaw warbands that were formerly human, and appear tribal like. They were exposed to Rift Energy and their bodies and minds were mutated. Once mutated, they become fanatical in defending Rift energy from the Rifters. Why this change occurs and why they feel the need to protect the Rift is unknown. What is known is the lengths they will take to do it, including murdering anyone that tries to harvest it, causing a bitter war between the Outcasts and the Rifters. The Outcasts are shown to dress in a tribal manner, but still use all the weapons and vehicles the Rifters do to defend it, as well as having other "castes" such as taller charging melee warriors.

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