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Released 8-10-12
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A Patch is a program that updates software. In Starhawk, the purpose of patching is to fix bugs, improve game performance, or add new game content. Patches are created by the game development team post-game release (with the exception of day-one patches) and approved through a rigorous quality assurance process. Once approved, the patch is made available for download.

Downloading PatchesEdit

Starhawk automatically checks for patches when it is booted. If a patch is available, the game will prompt you to download it. Be aware that patches are bigger and contain more content than hot-fixes, so it may take some time for them to download and install. Once the operation is finished, however, you will be ready to play Starhawk again!

See alsoEdit

Patch History- A history of all the patches made to Starhawk

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