The Starhawk title screen, with a Rift Extractor in the background.

Rift Extractors (also called "Rigs" for short) are structures exclusive to the single-player Campaign and the co-op Prospector mode. They make an appearance in multiplayer, but they are not buildable by the player. Their main purpose is to extract Rift Energy from Rift Wells in the ground.


Rigs are large structures with a wide base that funnels out into a tall column dotted with exhaust pipes. The column is supported by three supports that jut out from the base, creating "windows" where one can see the Rift energy being collected. The Outcast build their version of a Rig, a Shrine, on Rift Wells as well.


In The Single-Player CampaignEdit

In the campaign, Rigs are used by the Rifters to extract Rift Energy from the ground. Emmett Graves and Sidney Cutter act as Rift Salvagers saving Rigs from roaming Outcast war bands. Emmett has the ability to call RIg on top of Rift Wells, which allow limited communication and Rift collection.

In Co-Op ProspectorEdit

Main Article: Prospector

In Prospector, players are tasked with building a Rift Extractor and defending it from waves of Outcast best on destroying it.

In MultiplayerEdit

Rift Extractors are visible on every multiplayer map. They provide Rift energy to every player standing within a Rift collection zone surrounding the Rig. In Zones mode, capturing a zone places either a Rig or a Shrine on the Rift Well, depending on which team you are on.

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