SkillScore is a type of ranking found in Starhawk. It factors in various player statistics to calculate a score for the player. Players are ranked on the Leaderboard based on their SkillScore.


LightBox Interactive has not revealed the actual formula for SkillScore, but some inferences have been made.

Killing EnemiesEdit

Killing a player with a higher SkillScore will raise your SkillScore. Getting killed by a player with a lower SkillScore lowers your own SkillScore. The difference between the two SkillScores affects how many points are gained and lost.

Top/Bottom PlayerEdit

When the game ends, being the top player on the scoreboard gives you a SkillScore bonus.


Being on the winning team affects your SkillScore greatly.

Experience per MinuteEdit

The speed at which you gain XP also affects your skill score.

SkillScore RanksEdit

Getting a higher skill score changes the symbols that are displayed on the level of a player.

  • Top 2% - Rift Splat
  • Top 11% - Platinum Star
  • Top 21% - Gold Diamond
  • Top 51% - Silver Circle
  • Top 76% - Bronze Square