Skills are enhancements a player can equip in Multiplayer to enhance his or her capabilities. They are are purchased and equipped through the Skills menu in the Uplink.

Properties and UsageEdit

You can only have a single skill active at any time. You may change skills in the middle of the game, but the change only takes effect when you respawn.

To purchase a skill you need two things: Two skill points, and the completion of the required prerequisite. Completed prerequisites display in green and never have to be completed again. Prerequisites that have yet to be satisfied will display in red.

List of SkillsEdit

There are currently twenty-five skills in-game. Prerequisites are italicized. To learn more about the Medals mentioned below, visit the Medals article.



Increased ammo received from pickups, and increased max ammo for all weapons. (+50% max capacity on all weapons except Torpedo)
Get one kill with every troop weapon in a single game.


Weapon Mods 

Larger clip size for all troop weapons and longer overheat time for vehicle weapons.
Get the most kills on the winning team.


Slower weapon spread increase while firing, faster spread recovery, and reduced base spread.
Kill two enemies with one LR-3 Railgun shot.

Field Mechanic

Gradually repair any vehicle you're in automatically.
Get at least 10 kills in a game using a vehicle.


Fuel Efficiency

Increased max fuel for the Vulture Jetpack and Hawk.
Earn the Dogfighter medal.

Engine mods

Engine Mods

Increase max speed of vehicles.
Get the most road kills on the winning team.

Rift Economy

Gather more rift energy.
Earn both the Builder and Battler medals in the same match.

Rift affinity

Rift Affinity

Slowly gather rift over time, even if not in a base.
Collect the most rift energy on the winning team.

Quick learner

Quick learner

Gain more XP (About 50% more in-game, not applied to post-game medals).
Win 3 matches in a row.

Squad Leader

Allow teammates to spawn at your position.
Earn the most XP on the winning team.

Combat intel

Combat Intel

Show all enemies on the radar.
Destroy an enemy Outpost within 60 seconds of its construction.



Never show up on enemy radars. This trumps Combat Intel.
Get 10 melee kills a single game.

Turret Jammer

Prevent unmanned enemy turrets from firing at you.
Destroy 10 enemy turrets a single game.

Shock Trooper

Reduced respawn time.
Kill an enemy vehicle with the drop pod.

Fast Lock

Faster rocket and missle lock acquisition.
Earn the Anti-Air medal.



Show an in-world notifier on your most recent killer at all times, and pay out a special XP and rift energy award when you kill him.
Kill an enemy after you've been killed.

Hyper aware


Nearby mines and players receive in-world notifiers, even if invisible or out of LOS.
Destroy 10 enemy R-Sec Proximity Charges during a single game.


Melee damages buildings and vehicles.
Dismantle 3 enemy turrets with a melee attack in a single game.

~ Removed from the game, but the Hawk's stomp is capable of damaging vehicles without use of the skill.

Escape Artist

Survive the destruction of vehicles or buildings.
Hop out of 10 buildings/vehicles right before they are destroyed.


Use enemies' control panels to spawn vehicles and capture buildings. Kill an enemy inside his own Supply Bunker.

Low Profile

Don't attract or detonate enemy prox/air mines.
Destroy 10 enemy R-Sec/Air mines in a single match.



Always spawn with a LR-3 Railgun.
Get 10 LR-3 Railgun kills in a single game.


Heavy Weapon

Always spawn with a M.A.W. Rocket Launcher.
Get 10 M.A.W. Rocket Launcher kills in a single game.



Always spawn with a Welding Torch.
Earn the Repairman medal.

Point man

Point Man

Always spawn with a Union Shotgun.
Get 10 Union Shotgun kills in a single game.


  • LightBox Interactive wants to have no one skill significantly better than another. LBI has said they won't make skills that give you more health, accuracy, or damage.
  • The Skills feature can only be accessed in Explore mode or in a multiplayer game (unless disabled in advanced server options).