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The Uplink during Beta 1.3.

The Uplink is a navigation device used as the menu and user interface for Starhawk.

In the StoryEdit

The Uplink is very common in the Starhawk universe as a communications device. It is the equivalent of a modern-day smart phone or tablet computer.


The Uplink is pulled up when Multiplayer is selected from the Main Menu. From here, player can access a number of features:

  • Campaign - The single-player campaign.
  • Quick Match - Starhawk's version of matchmaking.
  • Game List - View the list of servers. Features filters and sorters to find the game you desire.
  • Create Game - Allows you to create your own server.
  • Co-op - Access Prospector mode.
  • Customization - Customize your character and vehicles.
  • Skills - Purchase skills that augment your abilities in battle. (Only accessible in-match, unknown if glitch will be fixed)
  • Settings - Settings for the game.
  • News - View news from LightBox Interactive.
  • Clan - A robust clan feature.
  • Calendar - View upcoming events.
  • Leaderboard - View the top players.
  • Inbox - View game invites and clan invites.
  • MP Homeworld - Enter a lobby where you can freely build and invite friends.
  • Split Screen - Allow a second user on your console to join.
  • Explore - Explore the maps safely by yourself.

Only In-MatchEdit

  • Respawn - Commit suicide and redeploy.
  • Switch Teams - Switch to the other team.
  • Quit Game - Quits the current session and returns you to the Main Menu.

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