Whether a user, or an unregistered viewer who checks here for information, I'd like to inform people on the current Private beta status.

  1. The private beta so far is known to be given out to Warhawk players only. If you did not own Warhawk, you may be out of luck unfortunately. However you can still buy Uncharted 3 and get into the public beta later on in 2012.
  2. The codes will start being sent out Tuesday, November 22nd which is when the beta starts.
  3. The beta codes will be sent to your PSN account's email, so be sure to check there periodically this month, you'll never know when you will receive it if at all.
  4. You must go to your PS3, go to Account Managment> Account Information> Notification Preferences. You must check the top box that says you wish to receive special offers from SCE if you do not already. Checking it will not guarantee you a code, but if you do not YOU WILL HAVE NO CHANCE TO GET ONE. So make sure to check it. Any more specific questions about Sony's beta policy can be read here.
  5. There is no NDA on the beta, you can upload and record vidoes/screenshots or share information openly.
  6. The beta will start with limited content, but will slowly be expanded on and more content added as the beta goes on. The beta will start with Capture the Flag mode and a few maps which aren't specified yet.
  7. To whom the beta codes will be sent in what order, for how long is not really known. Only the developers know all the factors. However it was confirmed that rank will play a factor. Involvement was another factor, but the specifics on what they mean by "involvement" is unclear. Whether it means simply having many hours in the game, participating with the developers, or in tournaments is up in the air. You can increase your chance by registering for updates on the official site.
  8. There will be others ways to win beta codes aside from looking in your email. Check the major gaming sites like G4, IGN, GameSpot, GameTrailers, 1UP, Kotaku, WIRED, USA Today, CNET, Maxim, and TIME as well as checking up on the PS blog, or the Starhawk Wiki.
  9. Finally, if you receive the beta, you can give feedback and problem reporting here which they will look at often. Error MackroTalk 21:01, November 19, 2011 (UTC)

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