Vulture Station
Build & Battle Structure
The Vulture Station in action.
Structure Information
Rift Cost 5 Cells
Health ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Function Spawns Vulture Jetpacks
Vulture (Spawn Info)
Rift Cost 2 Cells (zero initial)
Respawn Time 3.0 Seconds

A Vulture Station on Orbital.

The Vulture Station is a Build & Battle structure found in both multiplayer and the single-player campaign. It spawns Vulture Jetpacks for the player to use.


The Vulture Station is a small vehicle dispenser that makes Vulture Jetpacks. The control panel is attached to an small arm that places the pre-built jetpack onto the player.

Availability in Multiplayer LoadoutsEdit

The Vulture Station is available on every loadout except Ground Pounder and Heavyweight.


  1. Vulture Stations are rather weak, so be careful where you place them.
  2. When buying a Vulture Jetpack, there is a small window of vulnerability while you put it on. Placing the Station in a location hidden from snipers can keep players from dying when getting a jetpack.

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