The Weapons Cross is a menu used to switch weapons on the fly. It assignes a D-Pad input to each Weapon that has been collected.


Weapons Crosses are accessible as a Troop, in a Hawk, and as an Ox Heavy Tank.

Switching WeaponsEdit

To switch weapons, press the D-Pad in a direction. The four buttons can also be pressed in combos of two to create four more directions (northwest, northeast, southeast, southwest). Eight weapons are assigned to these directions on the Weapons Cross.

It is possible to switch weapons without bringing up the Weapons Cross by quickly tapping the D-Pad in the direction of the weapon you want to choose. If the D-Pad is held for a longer time, the Weapons Cross appears for more information.


  • In a departure from Warhawk, the Weapons Cross now appears in the middle of the screen.
  • The leader of the shade Warriors is Logan Graves, Emmet's brother.